About Us:

The NPA is administered by a diverse board of local representatives who themselves span paddling possibilities from Sea Kayak, Whitewater Kayak, Canoers, SUP Boarders and Recreational paddlers. We advocate for all these varied interests in many different ways. We are involved with the Western Waterfront and National WaterTrail Development planning meetings sponsored by the city of Duluth. We also attend and advocate for Access for all paddlers with the city of Superior and have adopted boat launches there as well. Beyond attending meetings and we also sponsor and host different paddling events and festivals. We are committed to Youth Outreach and support the Duluth Outdoor Children’s Charter.

Our Mission:

Dedicated to expanding opportunities for human-powered paddle-craft in Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin.

We provide:

Advocacy, community, guidance, education, and greatest of all... a paddling partner in the Northland.

NPA Objectives:

  • Expand access for human-powered watercraft in the Twin Ports and beyond.

  • Promote opportunities for ALL Northlanders to experience the waterways we call home.

  • Connect visitors with unforgettable on-water experiences.

  • Support the protection & restoration of our fresh-water resources

  • Advocate to government agencies and officials on behalf of paddlers across the Northland.